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Bioactive food ingredients refer to natural compounds, mainly from plant foods with specific physiological functions. These include flavonoids, phenolic acids, organic sulfides, terpenoids and carotenoids, coenzyme Q, γ-aminobutyric acid, melatonin, and L-carnitine and other biologically active ingredients derived from animal food. These ingredients are believed to participate in the regulation of physiology and pathophysiology, such that food containing these ingredients is believed to have specific functions in addition to basic nutrition.
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A good example of our bioactive food ingredients is stachyose, as a single prebiotic, which seeks to accelerate proliferation of bacillus bifidus. Used together with other prebiotic bacteria, it helps greatly in adjusting intestinal bacteria groups, relieving constipation and keeping intestines youthful and perpetually healthy. Our quality control is throughout the entire production and starts souring from the farms with superior quality. The first step is anti-degradation extraction with a special protective agent followed by continuous resin chromatographic separation and purification to produce high purity stachyose.
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