As an expert in the bio-manufacturing of natural products and health solutions in immunity and digestion, BNL owns innovative talents, proprietary natural essence extraction technology, advanced product R&D platforms, and integrated supply chain. Our business was established with the goal to meet the core needs of the natural products industry plant extracted fragrance compounds, natural health ingredients and functional nutrition care products.

Save the life
As gold in perfume fixative, ambergris is an exudate of the sperm whale. There is only 1 in average 100 sperm whales can exudate ambergris. Over a decade ago, to save life, BNL turn to nature and found a substitute of this precious material - clary sage. With molecular separation technology, BNL successfully extracted a best natural substitute of ambergris. This initiative have saved the life of over 20,000 sperm whales. In the future, we will continue this initiative to save more life with natural extract.

Discover The Natural Beauty Of Life

Since 2006, BNL has been devoted to studying and exploring bioactive ingredients in natural for the benefit of the human. With core innovative technologies and products, we committed to enabling global customers to gain advantages. Fueled by the strong sense of innovation, our scientists consistently contribute key concepts to product and technology innovation leading the industry.

As a talent pool of members with different ideas and specialties, this highly diversified team has made glorious achievements in the past decade. With our full trust and huge potentials, I believe it will continue to lead the development of BNL.

In the ever-changing global market, we will never stop at the existing achievements. BNL will save no effort to shape the world with more safe products and services while contributing to the harmony between natural and human.

----CEO of Bon Natural Life                  Richard Hu

Our Strengths

The Company is devoted to providing high quality and competitive prices and a stable supply of products and services for the functional food, personal care, natural medicine and other industries.
Innovative Methods of Production and R&D
A Stable Raw Materials Supply Chain
Advantages in Cost Control
Professional and Efficient Sales Team and Branding
Leading the industry by constantly and actively exploring the active materials of mother nature. Devote to meet the core needs of global consumers as a core supplier.