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Integrated Innovative Technology Platforms

Based on 14 years of self-dependent R&D experience, BNL creatively built up four technology platforms of natural products, i.e. large-scale separation, safety improvement, activity enhancement and function compound. The integration of the four technology platforms enables BNL to provide customers in the industry of health care, medical, and personal care customized top-quality products and services at high efficiency and low cost.
Innovative Applications

By integrated innovation in biological, medical, and chemical technologies, BNL consistently explores new applications of natural bioactive ingredients. For example, it uses clary sage in functional food, uses apple extract in hair caring, and uses stachyose in liver-caring products. And it continually develops new formula products to meet the ever-increasing needs of the market. The sustainable technology and application innovation ability ensures the implementation of its short and long-term strategy, as well as formed and maintains its competitiveness in the market segment.
Leading Industry-Standard

BNL is one of the drafters of industry standards including the Plant Extract International Business Standards for Stachyose, Plant Extract International Business Standards for Apple Extract (Apple Polyphenol), Plant Extract International Business Standards for Willow Bark, and Plant Extract International Business Standards for Radix Et Rhizoma Seu Caulis Acanthopanacis Senticosi. BNL’s rigid QC is widely recognized by customers in the plant extract industry.